Ledisi’s ‘The Intimate Truth Tour’ Concert [RECAP]

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 5

Ledisi was amazing last night in Montgomery, AL at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center (MPAC). She took the stage around 7:45pm. Which was great being that the opening act,Rahzel, took the stage around 7:15pm.She cracked many jokes about the dignitaries in the front rows being all uppity and what not. Here are a few photos from the concert taken with my iPhone:
Ledisi Concert Montgomery 1

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 2

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 3

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 4

Check out this video as well:

Here show was very personal  in that she talked about her past relationships and the music that was birthed from it. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing her live, then you know how goofy she is during her performances. I felt like a part of her world. I mentioned to my sister that the show was short but she quickly let me know that she spent roughly an hour and a half entertaining us. Apparently I wanted more LOL.

The only thing that bothered me was the empty seats in front for dignitaries and local celebs -_- (Roughly 150!!). There were sooo many people that wanted to be there but couldn’t because they got caught up in the “system error.” I contacted WSFA, the local news station, to hopefully make mention of this on the next news cycle when this happened; however, I got this email and no mention in the news:

WSFA EmailHere is what happened!

When I tried to go pick up my tickets, I was persuaded to contact the Event staff by phone, who is VERY RUDE and who I am sure was sitting  in the chairs blocking others from not sitting in the seats in front as they were to never to be filled the duration of the show, to call and ensure that I had tickets. I called and had no tickets. It was 8:45am on March 11th and the Event staff and WSFA claimed that the City of Montgomery Event Staff to have sent out emails informing people of this “error.” I got the supposed email after contacting WSFA. Here is the email:

City of Montgomery EmailWhat they should have done!

What would have been a better approach to the situation would have been to report the error and inform everyone BEFORE they were to pickup their tickets. Mistakes happen but how you handle them are completely different. My theory as to why it wasn’t reported on WSFA was that they are friends with those people on the event team and didn’t want their friends to look bad. I get that, but down playing the error is WACK! BUT anyway the concert was great, and Ledisi, I hope you grace our city again.

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Top Picture Photo Credit: Ron T Young Photography

The Artist Performing in Selma’s Blues/HipHop/Gospel Festival


Took a mini trip to Selma today to find a hotel…the lady said $225 but she was completely booked. Clearly she was gouging… (Ran into Grammy nominated singer Ledisi as well…love her) and I was finally made aware of the artist performing in downtown Selma, Saturday, March 7th. In the above picture you can see a mix of artist from various genres. Honestly the list of artist to perform is unclear of who will perform after President Obama speaks at 11:30 AND for only $12!!!! WSFA announced Lady Gaga and R. Kelly would be performing but Lady Gaga’s manager shot that down via the Montgomery Advertiser moments ago. Oh and Don’t forget that BET will be putting on a FREE concert on the bridge the following day in Selma that will be filmed and streamed on BET.com and CentricTv.com on a first come, first served standing room only basis. Somewhat of a list of all the artist can be found on WSFA.com. Only if you trust that lol just be there!!!


The First Family is Set to Visit Selma !!


Following the President’s private viewing of “Selma” in the White House, he announced that he would be visiting Selma on March 7th to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” With the announcement, came controversy, due to the scheduled march by local organizers for the following day. However, I’m ecstatic that President Obama is taking the time to come take part in such a moment as this. In addition, he announced Thursday evening that he is bringing his daughters, Malia and Sasha, along side his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. Here is an excerpt from the statement President Obama made about his trip to Selma at the African-American History Month Reception at the White House:

“I know that when I take Malia and Sasha down with Michelle next week down to Selma, part of what I’m hoping to do is to remind them of their own obligations,” he said. “Because there are going to be marches for them to march and struggles for them to fight, and if we’ve done our job then that generation is going to be picking up the torch as well.

President Obama will be joined by former President George W. Bush in the reenactment March of “Bloody Sunday.” There will be a plethora of events to attend along with a host of celebrities that will also be in attendance. I really hope Oprah makes an appearance or I get selfie with The First Family. Heck why not both?! Lol I’m ready for a good time in my city (Montgomery) and Selma. Oh and FYI Patti LaBelle will be putting on a concert at my Alma Mater Alabama State University. Beverly Bonds of Black Girls Rock will also help host a Fashion Show and Concert titled “CONVERSE-sation on Truth and Reconciliation #TruthBeTold ” that will also have celebrity guest in attendance. Those are just a few of the many events, so get your tickets and participate people.

Event links: www.Selma50.com www.DreamMarchesOn.com


You want a career in fashion, music, or some other creative field and you haven’t GOOGLE’D it???


This blog entry is waaaaay over due! I have been asked SO many times how I got my internship (working on others) and other cool opportunities. Because of my current location (Montgomery, AL), I have to be EXTREMELY creative in finding opportunities that I feel are not a waste of time (although you should take a chance sometimes) BUT I simply google’d. In 2013, I was in the process of planning a trip to New Orleans for the ESSENCE Music Festival with friends BUT in the midst of planning, I started to think like a college student. How can I go for free and maybe work the event? I started constantly searching for internships and I came across an article that talked about the process and who the company was that hired the unpaid volunteers. Once I read that article, I visited the ESSENCE website to see where they mentioned volunteers. I found the link for the application, and I submitted my application. After waiting a few MONTHS (you have to have patience in this game) I got a phone call saying I was chosen. Of course I was elated, after receiving the deets on what they wanted, I was also informed that I would be paid! The new company was going to now pay the freelancers/interns. Before you know it, I was in a room putting together welcome boxes for the sponsors and artist (Yes, I put together Beyonce’s gift box lol) and working along side ESSENCE staff (they are really cool and took care of their interns). I enjoyed my time in Nola so much that I didn’t take many pics BUT here are a few.

nola6 nola4 nola3 nola2 nola1

Don’t let your geographical location stop you from doing the things you want to do. You can seriously do anything with enough PLANNING and an open mind. 

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Don’t Forget…

Sleepless nights lead me here to put out what’s on my mind. I have special place in my heart for people who are of constant service to others. Whether it is to friends, family, or strangers giving back is important to me BUT sometimes people are so naive and don’t return the blessing. If someone is constantly pouring into your life, don’t forget them. They need people to be there for them too.

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Morning Wake up Call X How Dare You Try to Have it all Figured Out


“Success in our 20s is more about setting the table than enjoying the feast.” -Paul Angone

It would be nice to find great success upon graduating college or for things to really heat up with a boo (i.e. Marriage), but it’s sometimes not the reality. Typically in our twenties, we find ourself learning the ropes, paying our dues, and in-and-out of relationships. In addition to, figuring out the things we like and don’t like. So, don’t beat yourself up or not cherish these moments thinking how things should be different. I know it seems like a roller-coaster, but that’s ok. It gets better; I promise. So go, take on that job you sort of like, fall in love and maybe get your heartbroken, but don’t discount this time in your life. These are the moments that you are excused for trying figure it all out. We are beginners in the landscape of life, so take advantage.

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