Morning Motivation


 “This is not how your story ends. It’s simply where is takes a turn you didn’t expect.” -Cheryl Strayed

 It has always been up to us to decide how this thing called our life plays out. I will be the first to say I never expected life after, during, and before college would be this way. I believe I’m at the part where I would have this amazing job and be independent. Ha! I quickly realized that I am my best self on the unbeaten path. Meaning, the traditional work  environment my peers sought was a no go for me. Oh and obtaining my master’s degree by declaring myself into more debt was a definite hell no. I believe if I had gone it would be to prolong the inevitable of facing the real world. It’s best if I get to fulfilling my purpose. 

Midday Motivation


I’m learning this as I type this. It’s very critical because you won’t be where you want to be (ideal career, marriage, etc.) all the time. Because you won’t be, you have to just enjoy where you are.

My crazy friend and LB (line brother) says why be mad right now when you will be happy later, just be happy now. I thought that the statement was so crazy however it reigns to be true. This quote is so great and holds so much power. You just have to tap into it. Be great and forever blessed!!!


Morning Wake Up Call


With everything you just need a little faith to get that thing going. Nothing that is meant for you will pass. No creator creates without purpose so just believe. When you do decide to have faith and believe just remember that faith without works is dead. Meaning, you can’t just believe but act out that thing that you are believing for is already done. For God to order your steps you must take a step. You can’t fail until you quit.

Be Blessed!


Morning Wake Up Call

20130517-112152.jpgGiving up is easy BUT what do you accomplish? You’re right, NOTHING! I’m here to say go get your dreams and be the person God says you are. The perspective that some people have for themselves is not even close to how God sees them. I can attest to saying things like I’m a behind the scenes person versus a camera person  BUT that was fear saying you don’t look like everyone else and you hate speaking in front of crowds. Don’t let people define and tell you who and what you are. Each day we choose, and today I would love to encourage you to be and do your best. Don’t choose easier routes because it’s the journey to attaining those things which are difficult that we gain knowledge and wisdom. Starting today act is if you couldn’t fail and watch what happens!

-Be Blessed

Morning Wake Up Call


All these things make a healthy life not a perfect life. Everyday won’t be easy but it’s worth it, I promise. That thing called “legacy” that you want to leave is gonna take everything you have to bring to fruition so lets go and give it everything you’ve got!


Midday Motivation


If you could tap into this it would change the way you treat people. Whatever God has in store for you will be ONLY for you which you would then share w/ the world. Don’t belittle people’s blessings because you don’t have what they have. Congratulate those individuals, be patient and wait your turn. Everything has a season. Timing is very crucial for you to succeed and stay living in it. Rome wasn’t built over night & No great thing started out great. So don’t disqualify yourself because you are right where you need to be!

Be Blessed,