Livin’ For The city! Activities to Enjoy in the City (MGM) Spring/Summer ‘16

MGM Skyline_from_Northern_Blvd

Being  20-something in the city ain’t easy. Like anyone else my age, I’m always looking for a good time. If I’m able to put it on my Snapchat that’s even better. Live music, Concerts, chillin’ in the park, movie premiers, product/brand launches, and even getting something to eat at the newest eatery are all appealing. We haven’t tackled everything in the Capitol City; however, we do have a few hotspots for chic urban 20-somethings.

I excluded the typical places like the movies, bars, and clubs. No need to share what you already know. Below  is the list I curated for activities to enjoy in Montgomery, AL Spring\Summer ’16:


Go Karting & Laser Tag

Indoor Go Karting

Go Karting Montgomery | 9033 Wares Ferry Road | Website

I discovered this gem not too long ago. The pricing is very reasonable and is sure to entertain. I wish they had a food court/truck/etcetera,  but I will give them time to grow. There was a mixed crowd here but it won’t take much creativity to take this experience to the next level.

Indoor Scuba Diving

indoor scuba diving

Adventure Sports II | 1546 East Ann Street | Website

A lot of people are unaware of this dope activity in Montgomery. You have the opportunity to learn something so cool. If you want to try scuba diving before heading on vacation and  getting into the ocean, then you definitely need to give this a try. Groupon has an amazing deal that once split with someone else is $25! You can’t beat that.

Second Saturday

Second Saturday

Riverfront Park | 355 Commerce Street | Website

Every second Saturday during Spring\Summer, you have the opportunity to chill on the riverfront with friends and family. As a college student I was an avid goer; however, once I got a decent job after college, I chose to hang in other cities on Saturday.

This event has so much potential. As a recent college graduate, it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. I’m so many things this event is not.

The Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park

Rockin’ Jump | 5544 Atlanta Highway & Launch Trampoline Park 402 Twain Curve | Rockin’ Jump  Launch Trampoline

I recently experienced the trampoline park at Rockin’ Jump. I was so tired after jumping for 30 minutes. It was worth it though.

The only drawback is that is popular among those aged 18 under. There were maybe 10 people there around my age actively participating. I think they should host college night or jump after dark for an older crowd. I felt out of place during my experience.

Nevertheless, the massage chairs were amazing. I got a massage TWICE!

Flight Lessons

Flight Class

Box Aviation | 4521 Selma Highway | Website

This activity is rather pricey but it will takes things to the next level for you (pun intended). I’m not sure I can afford this right now but, I’ll just add this to my list of things to try. You don’t have to operate the plane. You can choose to enjoy the scenery from above or take control. Each experience comes with a different price. For more information please visit their website.

A Comedy Show

MC LightFoot

Montgomery Performing Arts Center | 201 Tallapoosa Street |  Website

Looking for a laugh? MC Lightfoot will be in Montgomery, AL, June 25, 2016 at 8PM at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center. Sue me, but I haven’t heard of this comedian before that I can recall. The tickets are reasonably priced, so I may check the show out.

You can get tickets here.



Do Re Mi Karaoke | 2787 Bell Road | Facebook Page

I love Karaoke and thoroughly enjoyed singing my heart out at Do Re Mi. The customer service is amazing, making my return very easy. The best part about this facility is your karaoke time is exclusive to you and your party.

In addition, this place is open late which is perfect for 20-somethings. This place gets five stars for that alone. Reservations are not required but encouraged on the weekend after 9PM.

Food Truck Pop Up


Court Square| 1  South Court Street| Website

We all love to eat right? During the lunch hour on April 29th, you have the opportunity to enjoy a few local favorites in downtown Montgomery around the fountain. Its perfect for anyone that works downtown or is free to check it out. I enjoy eating local so this will definitely be something I check out.

VEG OUT Montgomery


EAT South Downtown Farm (The Montgomery Advertiser Rear Parking Lot) | 485 Molton Street | Facebook Page

Every Second Tuesday of the month, EAT South host monthly plant-based potluck dinners. March-September at 7PM and October-February at 6PM, you can join EAT South for this event. It seems very interesting and worth the try.

Pub Run


Locations Available Below |  Website

Do I drink beer? No, well this one time at a food truck festival but not on a regular. Apparently you get to run ,drink, and fall on your face for this event that occurs quite often which is presented by Fleet Feet Sports. Here are the dates:

April 28th – Blackfinn Ameripub
May 12th – Mellow Mushroom
May 26th – Mellow Mushroom
June 9th – Kudzu Noodle Bar
June 30th – Kudzu Noodle Bar

The best part is that it is free of charge and open to the public. Each run starts at 6PM at the above location. For more information call 334-356-5412.

Live Model Drawing

Live Models Painting

The Sanctuary | 432 South Goldthwaite Street | Facebook Page

For ONLY $10, you can join other artist for live model drawing. You do have to provide your own easel; however, its a small price to pay for kicking it with people who share your interest. The following dates are for 2016:

January 24th
February 21st
March 20th
April 17th
May 22nd
June 19th
July 24th
August 21st
September 18th
October 23rd
November 20th
December 18th

For more information, call 334-328-5171.

Gun Range


Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex | 5765 Carmichael Parkway | Website

Need to let out some steam? Why not do it at the gun range. This activity is affordable and you don’t even need to own a gun to do it. They offer gun rental and specials on certain days as well as a Groupon. There is no excuse why you aren’t livin’ your best life people!

Stock Car Racing

stock car racing

Montgomery Motorsports Speedway | 480 Booth Road | Website

This one is for my speed demons. I am certainly not one. Among my friends, I am referred to as “driving Mrs. Daisy” better put as the slow driver. I just like to be cautious that’s all.

This activity is not too bad in price; however, it can get expensive if you’re looking for a real good time. Groupon has a deal for this activity if you want to try it out. Be sure to visit their website for more information.

If you know of any dope activities not on my list, please us me know. I’m sure the people would like to know as well.

Just be sure you’re livin’ your best life people. We are not promised any day on this Earth!

Until Next Time!




#TheBudgetFiles: Why I decided to lease and not buy

Right before Christmas, I finally made the decision to get a new car. I’ve been wanting a new car for a while, but I knew what came with it…more BILLS! I’ve been working on keeping my debt low so adding on an additional bill was not something I was looking forward too. So what I did do was compromise.

I decided to lease. I got a “new car” without the new car price. Some people may think leasing is a waste of time because the payments you make on the leased vehicle could be used to make payments toward your own car. Those are indeed facts, but it was the perfect solution for me. I needed a car on short notice without a long commitment. Plus, my mom’s job has a great leasing program.

Another thing, I encourage people to live within their means. I’m still working on that but I’ve learned that being able to pay a bill and having something be affordable is two different things.

seriously the hills lauren conrad

My mentor says if you can purchase something 3 times then you can afford it. I don’t ever want to make the mistake again of getting something because I can pay for it.

Transitioning from my college life to being a “real adult” requires me to be more responsible. Being an adult ain’t easy but it’s worth it once you start getting some things right.

tv dancing happy fun excited


One of my goals for 2016 is to save. The conversation me and my money have had in the past hasn’t been pretty. I want and desperately need to change that.

I’m finally taking the advice of my mentor to setup an automatic savings account. Automated anything scares me because I start to begin “what if” and it’s all down from there.

At some point, I have to get serious about having my money work for me so 2016 will be that for me.

The budget files will be my way of sharing with you my tips on saving and getting the most out of your money.

If you’re currently afraid to check your bank account or looking for ways to book cheap/affordable airline tickets, then the budget files should definitely be something you stay tuned too!

Until Next Time!

Hello…Again! Happy New Year!

SO, it’s that time of year to reflect and start fresh. I’m sure we all are hitting the gym per the usual BUT how about we set some real goals and actually achieve some things. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I’m tired of  not giving my goals my all. So, what am I going to do differently?

  1. Setting Realistic Goals
  2. Holding Myself Accountable
  3. Giving My Goals Dates
  4. Celebrating Achievements

It sounds like blah blah blah, because we’ve heard it all before so…what the heck are you waiting for? There is a TON of advice out there we just have to make a decision. YES to the life you want and NO to all the excuses.

I’m so excited to start my blogging journey again. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on how I’m saving my money to the ahhhmazing vacation I went on. I plan to be as authentic as possible and hope that you get something from all this. I don’t mind discussing what’s on your minds either; I prefer I dialogue.

Until Next Time!

Blog Revamp…You’ll Thank Me Later!

Hello Everyone!

When I started this blog, I started it with the intention to share a piece of me but that never happened. I gave tidbits, but I never really jumped in and gave you all of me. I plan to change that in the coming year. I’m more than just quotes, special events, and the occasional random story.

Expect to learn everything about what I’m currently reading to how my new apartment is designed. I’m in love with so many things and my thoughts are out of this world at times. More importantly, I want it to be a dialogue and connect with people who share the same interest.

Also, I come across sooo many things that could help people. So, as I share tell me more of what you want and I will try my best to deliver.

Thanks for reading my post, sharing with friends, and giving me chance to be myself.


Morning Motivation


 “This is not how your story ends. It’s simply where is takes a turn you didn’t expect.” -Cheryl Strayed

 It has always been up to us to decide how this thing called our life plays out. I will be the first to say I never expected life after, during, and before college would be this way. I believe I’m at the part where I would have this amazing job and be independent. Ha! I quickly realized that I am my best self on the unbeaten path. Meaning, the traditional work  environment my peers sought was a no go for me. Oh and obtaining my master’s degree by declaring myself into more debt was a definite hell no. I believe if I had gone it would be to prolong the inevitable of facing the real world. It’s best if I get to fulfilling my purpose. 

Current Obsessions!

So, 2015 has been crazy! I’ve traveled a bit more than my usual and found a few things and people that I am obsessing over. Feel free to obsess just as much as I do daily!

1. Elaine Welteroth

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

Elaine Welteroth is an Adidas wearing, beauty applier in transit, and the first African-American beauty & health director to grace Teen Vogue Magazine. I stumbled across Elaine Welteroth a few months ago and can’t seem to stop being in ah!


Elaine is obsessed with Snap Chat (non users she will convert you so watch out! lol) and doesn’t mind ‘scopin’ (Periscope) Lacy Redway give her the perfectly shaped lob for her face shape.

Photo courtesy of Cire Trudon

I was also put on game to Cire Trudon’s super affordable scented matches and Korean skin care. You won’t be disappointed in following this beauty.

2. Stationary

You’ve heard it all before to be sure to send a thank you note. Well, I have become a collector of every chic piece of stationary in the store I come across. However, it wasn’t until Instyle’s oh so chic fashion and beauty editor-at-large and recent newly wed Kahlana Barfield, got me wanting personalized stationary from Minnie and Emma.

Photo courtesy of YouTube @ InstyleDotCom

This stationary is affordable but slightly pricey for the conservative budget. Check them out!

3. Travel

Photo courtesy of Instagram @ DawnitaDJ

If only I could bask in the sun of sandy beaches every day and attend music festivals on the regular, my life would be made. I have a slight confession though. I didn’t see a beach all summer. That’s cray! I know.

I’m headed to the beach for the Thanksgiving holiday though so, I live. I will be sure to add more travel where I relax and not have a full itinerary each day.

I’m also adding international travel to my list in 2016. Making a small step by purchasing my passport before the year is out.

Weekend get-a-ways and a random trip across the country to Vegas were my antidote for travel in 2015. I suggest planning ahead and actually  knowing how much a flight or hotel cost to some of your dream get-a-ways. After that, try to work some travel into your life. You will thank yourself.

4. Myliek Teele

Photo courtesy of Instagram @ Myleik

The best mentor EVER (you had to know this first, lol)! She’s a Snap Chat queen, travel junkie, and book connoisseur. Myleik Teele, hails from Cali and resides in Atlanta, GA. She is the owner of Curlbox, a curly girl subscription service and a BEAST (in the best way, lol).

She gives the best advice and book recommendations via her #mytaughtyou tag and website. Don’t forget to check out those podcast! She drops major gems and secret podcast to people who shop #mytaughtyou merchandise. It’s worth every penny.

She’s even taught me a thing or two about flower arrangements and how to prepare a healthy meal.I could go on and on about Myleik, but she has been a major blessing in my life over the years.

5. My Dream Job

As a budding small business owner, I have been setting the stage for the launch of my entertainment marketing firm. Over the years, I have obtained knowledge from a plethora of sources including my internships, books, influencers from all walks of life, and of course my studies that earned me a degree in business management at Alabama State University. I would say more but you’ll just have to wait….2016 will be my year!

6. Magazines

I’m currently subscribed to ESSENCE, Vogue, Glamour, and Black Enterprise. I’m adding three more in January, maybe four. It’s a lot I know BUT I love being in the know. My bookshelf looks like the shelf of a magazine editor. They make for great time fillers during my travel and idle time at home. It also gives you topics to discuss with others that you meet for the first time.

These are just a few of things that keep me busy throughout the day. What are some of your current obsessions?

BET Centric Sip & Share ‘Single Ladies’ A Beyond Brunch Experience [RECAP]

Letoya Luckett

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending an event for the television series “Single Ladies” titled Sip and Share: A Beyond Brunch Experience. The show returned on March 18th to Centric, the first network designed for black women. Spring was definitely in full effect with the decor to the attendees’ style of dress. “Single Ladies” cast member Letoya Luckett and Head Costume Designer on the show Anthony Williams were the panelist for this event and boy did they entertain the crowd. Letoya Luckett is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and THE Anthony Williams is crazy, cool, and so over the top amazing. Their discussion included how African American women are taking Hollywood by storm in more roles, sisterhood, as well as Letoya’s initial reaction to being subjected to Anthony’s decision to keep her character in black and white until he says otherwise. Attendees were also showcased for their style choices for the event during a style segment curated by the awesome Michaela Angela Davis. Here are some photos from the event:







Check out this video from the fabulous event:

IMG_1832-0Be Sure to tune in on Wednesdays at 10p/9c!!!