Yes I’m Vegan, No I don’t Eat Salads all Day, and it’s the Best Decision I Ever Made

On June 25th, 2017, I was scrolling a Facebook group I had joined for Alkaline vegans.

Rihanna- What

Right, LOL…Why I joined this group, I will never fully understand but it was the best thing that happened to me. Seriously! My whole life changed in a day. ┬áBut anyways…In my mind I’m thinking all the weird food posts and herb suggestions…kinda felt cult-y (They are all things Dr. Sebi…look him up) but I was still curious about this lifestyle and why people would restrict their diets to only fruits and veggies. Their are tons of amazing things in life like cheese…or so I thought…

Cousin Skeeter - Cheese

On this particular day someone had recommended a documentary called ‘What the Health‘ in the comments (I always jump their…that’s where the drama is LOL) to help a fellow member stay strong in her journey. I watched it and was sooooo blown away…. well not really because years ago I had watched ‘Supersize Me‘ and an ‘Inconvenient Truth‘ but clearly I just carried on with life as usual (like we all do)…For me that meant watching vids of Tracee spit bars as T-Murda.

Tracee - T-Murda

Or not…LOL I’m not even sure when she dropped these vids…but anyway…

There was so much information to take in. From Scientist who have studied the affects of meat and dairy on the body to marketing and government agencies allowing companies to legally sell you a group 1 carcinogen (processed meat…it shares this grade with tobacco and they have a warning label from the Surgeon General for that). Yea, let that sink in…Oh let’s not forget it is directly linked to causing CANCER!

Trevor Noah - Whoa.gif

Here’s the catch tho…because there are so many interest groups that produce these goods…you won’t here much about this issue. For fun, let’s just say you did start to see news stories on the issue. These groups are counting on you to continue your old lifestyle of consuming dairy and meat because well “small portions are the key to a healthy lifestyle” right? I learned recently that the answer is um…No! They’ve pushed that in their marketing and that oh so lovely food pyramid. *side eye*

Would you rather be shot or hung? Yea that’s basically what you’re dealing with here. Think, just because you consume less of something toxic doesn’t make it is less toxic.

Tracey Morgan - Gasp

This logic has been passed down for decades, that we’ve been following it with out question. It’s crazy because when I started to think…I was actually surprised I didn’t question it sooner because I’m that girl “Well actually” according to friends. LOL

Within the first minute of ‘What the Health’ the┬áChief Scientific & Medical Officer refuses to discuss diet’s correlation to diabetes. Why would he do that?

Michelle Obama - Why

I could take this further but I wrote this story to encourage you to rethink your diet, do some research, question everything, and to make a conscious decision about what I’m saying. Honestly I don’t want you to believe me, because it’s in the research that you will find your own awakening.

Oh and Why am I sort of Vegan? I have given up meat and dairy but I recently took a trip to Nola and had some crab cakes and crawfish etouffee. Oh and last Thursday I had some shrimp from a local bistro…It was ahhhmazing but I’m back on track. I’m in transition and still learning everyday. Don’t judge me.

Aaliyah - Amazing

If you choose to change your diet (which I hope you do), I encourage you to find a support system (Facebook groups, friends, spouse, etc). It can get real, especially if you don’t cook. Also, be prepared for some changes in your body. For me after 24 hours, I felt amazing but then I crashed. I felt sluggish but after two weeks I felt amazing again. I found that it’s normal. In the beginning, veggies were okay but after two weeks, they tasted divine. There is a whole science behind these things…

I’ve learned so much more than I’ve shared today…I know who Dr. Sebi is (and why he was killed in Honduras), why the EPA allows the food industry to continue to exist even though they are literally killing us with animal waste (#2 reason I chose being vegan..carbon foot print), doctors generally don’t know much about eating well, 80% of antibiotics sold in the US are sold for animal agriculture (they only test their affects on animals…they could care less about us), factory farms are hidden in rural areas disproportionately occupied by people of color, and why health organizations don’t provide facts on the truth of what eating well looks like because they accept money from the very industries that cause the health issue they make you aware of.

I’ve found a whole new world and I had to share. I’m open to share more if you ask me. I am no expert, but I have a solid idea on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

Oh If you like, “What the Health” I would also like to recommend a few others I liked as well:


Celebrities you may not have known were vegan:


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