#TheBudgetFiles: Why I decided to lease and not buy

Right before Christmas, I finally made the decision to get a new car. I’ve been wanting a new car for a while, but I knew what came with it…more BILLS! I’ve been working on keeping my debt low so adding on an additional bill was not something I was looking forward too. So what I did do was compromise.

I decided to lease. I got a “new car” without the new car price. Some people may think leasing is a waste of time because the payments you make on the leased vehicle could be used to make payments toward your own car. Those are indeed facts, but it was the perfect solution for me. I needed a car on short notice without a long commitment. Plus, my mom’s job has a great leasing program.

Another thing, I encourage people to live within their means. I’m still working on that but I’ve learned that being able to pay a bill and having something be affordable is two different things.

seriously the hills lauren conrad

My mentor says if you can purchase something 3 times then you can afford it. I don’t ever want to make the mistake again of getting something because I can pay for it.

Transitioning from my college life to being a “real adult” requires me to be more responsible. Being an adult ain’t easy but it’s worth it once you start getting some things right.

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