Current Obsessions!

So, 2015 has been crazy! I’ve traveled a bit more than my usual and found a few things and people that I am obsessing over. Feel free to obsess just as much as I do daily!

1. Elaine Welteroth

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

Elaine Welteroth is an Adidas wearing, beauty applier in transit, and the first African-American beauty & health director to grace Teen Vogue Magazine. I stumbled across Elaine Welteroth a few months ago and can’t seem to stop being in ah!


Elaine is obsessed with Snap Chat (non users she will convert you so watch out! lol) and doesn’t mind ‘scopin’ (Periscope) Lacy Redway give her the perfectly shaped lob for her face shape.

Photo courtesy of Cire Trudon

I was also put on game to Cire Trudon’s super affordable scented matches and Korean skin care. You won’t be disappointed in following this beauty.

2. Stationary

You’ve heard it all before to be sure to send a thank you note. Well, I have become a collector of every chic piece of stationary in the store I come across. However, it wasn’t until Instyle’s oh so chic fashion and beauty editor-at-large and recent newly wed Kahlana Barfield, got me wanting personalized stationary from Minnie and Emma.

Photo courtesy of YouTube @ InstyleDotCom

This stationary is affordable but slightly pricey for the conservative budget. Check them out!

3. Travel

Photo courtesy of Instagram @ DawnitaDJ

If only I could bask in the sun of sandy beaches every day and attend music festivals on the regular, my life would be made. I have a slight confession though. I didn’t see a beach all summer. That’s cray! I know.

I’m headed to the beach for the Thanksgiving holiday though so, I live. I will be sure to add more travel where I relax and not have a full itinerary each day.

I’m also adding international travel to my list in 2016. Making a small step by purchasing my passport before the year is out.

Weekend get-a-ways and a random trip across the country to Vegas were my antidote for travel in 2015. I suggest planning ahead and actually  knowing how much a flight or hotel cost to some of your dream get-a-ways. After that, try to work some travel into your life. You will thank yourself.

4. Myliek Teele

Photo courtesy of Instagram @ Myleik

The best mentor EVER (you had to know this first, lol)! She’s a Snap Chat queen, travel junkie, and book connoisseur. Myleik Teele, hails from Cali and resides in Atlanta, GA. She is the owner of Curlbox, a curly girl subscription service and a BEAST (in the best way, lol).

She gives the best advice and book recommendations via her #mytaughtyou tag and website. Don’t forget to check out those podcast! She drops major gems and secret podcast to people who shop #mytaughtyou merchandise. It’s worth every penny.

She’s even taught me a thing or two about flower arrangements and how to prepare a healthy meal.I could go on and on about Myleik, but she has been a major blessing in my life over the years.

5. My Dream Job

As a budding small business owner, I have been setting the stage for the launch of my entertainment marketing firm. Over the years, I have obtained knowledge from a plethora of sources including my internships, books, influencers from all walks of life, and of course my studies that earned me a degree in business management at Alabama State University. I would say more but you’ll just have to wait….2016 will be my year!

6. Magazines

I’m currently subscribed to ESSENCE, Vogue, Glamour, and Black Enterprise. I’m adding three more in January, maybe four. It’s a lot I know BUT I love being in the know. My bookshelf looks like the shelf of a magazine editor. They make for great time fillers during my travel and idle time at home. It also gives you topics to discuss with others that you meet for the first time.

These are just a few of things that keep me busy throughout the day. What are some of your current obsessions?


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