Ledisi’s ‘The Intimate Truth Tour’ Concert [RECAP]

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 5

Ledisi was amazing last night in Montgomery, AL at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center (MPAC). She took the stage around 7:45pm. Which was great being that the opening act,Rahzel, took the stage around 7:15pm.She cracked many jokes about the dignitaries in the front rows being all uppity and what not. Here are a few photos from the concert taken with my iPhone:
Ledisi Concert Montgomery 1

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 2

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 3

Ledisi Concert Montgomery 4

Check out this video as well:

Here show was very personal  in that she talked about her past relationships and the music that was birthed from it. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing her live, then you know how goofy she is during her performances. I felt like a part of her world. I mentioned to my sister that the show was short but she quickly let me know that she spent roughly an hour and a half entertaining us. Apparently I wanted more LOL.

The only thing that bothered me was the empty seats in front for dignitaries and local celebs -_- (Roughly 150!!). There were sooo many people that wanted to be there but couldn’t because they got caught up in the “system error.” I contacted WSFA, the local news station, to hopefully make mention of this on the next news cycle when this happened; however, I got this email and no mention in the news:

WSFA EmailHere is what happened!

When I tried to go pick up my tickets, I was persuaded to contact the Event staff by phone, who is VERY RUDE and who I am sure was sitting  in the chairs blocking others from not sitting in the seats in front as they were to never to be filled the duration of the show, to call and ensure that I had tickets. I called and had no tickets. It was 8:45am on March 11th and the Event staff and WSFA claimed that the City of Montgomery Event Staff to have sent out emails informing people of this “error.” I got the supposed email after contacting WSFA. Here is the email:

City of Montgomery EmailWhat they should have done!

What would have been a better approach to the situation would have been to report the error and inform everyone BEFORE they were to pickup their tickets. Mistakes happen but how you handle them are completely different. My theory as to why it wasn’t reported on WSFA was that they are friends with those people on the event team and didn’t want their friends to look bad. I get that, but down playing the error is WACK! BUT anyway the concert was great, and Ledisi, I hope you grace our city again.

Until Next Time!


Top Picture Photo Credit: Ron T Young Photography


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