The Artist Performing in Selma’s Blues/HipHop/Gospel Festival


[Update] This entire line up was a lie; however, we did enjoy the concert put on by BET very much.

Took a mini trip to Selma today to find a hotel…the lady said $225 but she was completely booked. Clearly she was gouging… (Ran into Grammy nominated singer Ledisi as well…love her) and I was finally made aware of the artist performing in downtown Selma, Saturday, March 7th. In the above picture you can see a mix of artist from various genres. Honestly the list of artist to perform is unclear of who will perform after President Obama speaks at 11:30 AND for only $12!!!! WSFA announced Lady Gaga and R. Kelly would be performing but Lady Gaga’s manager shot that down via the Montgomery Advertiser moments ago. Oh and Don’t forget that BET will be putting on a FREE concert on the bridge the following day in Selma that will be filmed and streamed on and on a first come, first served standing room only basis. Somewhat of a list of all the artist can be found on Only if you trust that lol just be there!!!




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