The First Family is Set to Visit Selma !!


Following the President’s private viewing of “Selma” in the White House, he announced that he would be visiting Selma on March 7th to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” With the announcement, came controversy, due to the scheduled march by local organizers for the following day. However, I’m ecstatic that President Obama is taking the time to come take part in such a moment as this. In addition, he announced Thursday evening that he is bringing his daughters, Malia and Sasha, along side his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. Here is an excerpt from the statement President Obama made about his trip to Selma at the African-American History Month Reception at the White House:

“I know that when I take Malia and Sasha down with Michelle next week down to Selma, part of what I’m hoping to do is to remind them of their own obligations,” he said. “Because there are going to be marches for them to march and struggles for them to fight, and if we’ve done our job then that generation is going to be picking up the torch as well.

President Obama will be joined by former President George W. Bush in the reenactment March of “Bloody Sunday.” There will be a plethora of events to attend along with a host of celebrities that will also be in attendance. I really hope Oprah makes an appearance or I get selfie with The First Family. Heck why not both?! Lol I’m ready for a good time in my city (Montgomery) and Selma. Oh and FYI Patti LaBelle will be putting on a concert at my Alma Mater Alabama State University. Beverly Bonds of Black Girls Rock will also help host a Fashion Show and Concert titled “CONVERSE-sation on Truth and Reconciliation #TruthBeTold ” that will also have celebrity guest in attendance. Those are just a few of the many events, so get your tickets and participate people.

Event links:



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