You want a career in fashion, music, or some other creative field and you haven’t GOOGLE’D it???


This blog entry is waaaaay over due! I have been asked SO many times how I got my internship (working on others) and other cool opportunities. Because of my current location (Montgomery, AL), I have to be EXTREMELY creative in finding opportunities that I feel are not a waste of time (although you should take a chance sometimes) BUT I simply google’d. In 2013, I was in the process of planning a trip to New Orleans for the ESSENCE Music Festival with friends BUT in the midst of planning, I started to think like a college student. How can I go for free and maybe work the event? I started constantly searching for internships and I came across an article that talked about the process and who the company was that hired the unpaid volunteers. Once I read that article, I visited the ESSENCE website to see where they mentioned volunteers. I found the link for the application, and I submitted my application. After waiting a few MONTHS (you have to have patience in this game) I got a phone call saying I was chosen. Of course I was elated, after receiving the deets on what they wanted, I was also informed that I would be paid! The new company was going to now pay the freelancers/interns. Before you know it, I was in a room putting together welcome boxes for the sponsors and artist (Yes, I put together Beyonce’s gift box lol) and working along side ESSENCE staff (they are really cool and took care of their interns). I enjoyed my time in Nola so much that I didn’t take many pics BUT here are a few.

nola6 nola4 nola3 nola2 nola1

Don’t let your geographical location stop you from doing the things you want to do. You can seriously do anything with enough PLANNING and an open mind. 

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