Morning Wake up Call X How Dare You Try to Have it all Figured Out


“Success in our 20s is more about setting the table than enjoying the feast.” -Paul Angone

It would be nice to find great success upon graduating college or for things to really heat up with a boo (i.e. Marriage), but it’s sometimes not the reality. Typically in our twenties, we find ourself learning the ropes, paying our dues, and in-and-out of relationships. In addition to, figuring out the things we like and don’t like. So, don’t beat yourself up or not cherish these moments thinking how things should be different. I know it seems like a roller-coaster, but that’s ok. It gets better; I promise. So go, take on that job you sort of like, fall in love and maybe get your heartbroken, but don’t discount this time in your life. These are the moments that you are excused for trying figure it all out. We are beginners in the landscape of life, so take advantage.

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