Embracing Right Now


Sleep wasn’t so nice to me, so now I’m awake to share my thoughts about being in the moment. Being young, educated, and not for anyone’s BS you easily find yourself hanging around those who are older in age. In that, sometimes you can find yourself wanting things that maybe you shouldn’t want so soon. I believe that is normal, but what about right now, where you are? I can attest to dismissing my age but being reminded constantly of it. I would get so annoyed, but I needed that. I needed to learn to embrace being in my 20s and nothing more. To even the playing field, I also believe that someone’s age shouldn’t disqualify them for anything. If someone is great at being something, let them be that. We have one life. In the words of the amazing Janelle Monaé, “life is just a play with no rehearsals.” Be the best you can, and do the best you can.

Until Next Time,



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