Ladies and Gentleman…Kerry Washington!

uptown-kerry-washington-decjan13-4aMy post for Ms. Washington is long overdue, BUT I’m here to show my love for her. Enjoy 🙂

Lady of the moment, Kerry Washington, has everyone talking about her. To some she is a breath of fresh air and to others the greatness they knew she had the potential to be. Ms. Washington started out with very humble beginnings as a young actress in the TADA! Youth Theater program and now everyone’s favorite mistress on ABC’s hit drama “Scandal”?! Yea I said it lol.  Kerry’s acting is everything BUT to the fashionistas out there, her wardrobe is to die for and worth discussing.

According to Scandal Costume Designer , Lyn Paolo, Olivia Pope’s wardrobe  was put together to adhere to typical closet behavior. Meaning, everything Olivia Pope wears isn’t “thrown away” after each episode however, a piece of clothing is worn again with another bottom or blouse. I love this aspect because it makes Olivia Pope that much more real to us. Lyn Paolo states in the interview that they use particular color schemes that fall in sync with Olivia’s mood (genius!). I think we all agree that we want to be Olivia Pope in some way or another. She’s fierce in her work and always dresses to the nines. I’d take a substitute love life though lol Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I have provided a few of my personal favorite  looks from the show! Enjoy XO 🙂

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Kerry Washington and Lyn Paolo’s Interview about Olivia Pope’s Closet:

Video via the ABC Network’s YouTube Channel

Just for Fun! Kerry Washington dancing on Ellen 🙂

Video via The Ellen Show’s YouTube Channel

Inspired by this article? Things you can do to be among these fabulous women!

1. First ask yourself,  “Is this what I want?”- No need to waste your time or anyone else’s if you’re not going to take it seriously. If you answer yes, then don’t hold back. Give it everything you’ve got!

2.Intern– start your career off by learning from people or organizations that may in return hire you

3. Get active– start a blog, make a video…you just need to do something. What’s the point of talent if you never showcase it?

4. Network– fear has no room in this arena. Either you want it or you don’t. You have to start the conversation about your dreams with someone if you want to get connected to the right people to make it happen. I’m not saying tell everyone your dreams because people will try and discourage you. You just have to discern those who are for you and those who are against you.

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