Beyoncé Madness!!!

beyonce madness

Bey season is among us and idk if anyone was really ready (referring to the tour of course…my pockets weren’t ready) lol.

First Beyoncé announces a new Destiny Child’s album (with new music), then a tour, and I also heard that her new album is slated to be released this spring! I’m super excited for the tour because it will be my first Beyoncé Experience.

Bey held it down at the Super Bowl and has already graced the cover of our favorite magazines. We love us some Bey! HOWEVER…

My main reason for this entry was to discuss the actual tour. Pre-sale tickets have already started (Feb 6th) and are being released for pre-sale for the rest of the cities today at 10am EST.

From my understanding only certain people can purchase pre-sale. Those who are a part of the Beyhive (Me! Lol) and for the general public they go on sale Feb 16th. I’m not sure if they have tickets reserved for the general public or not, but if they don’t I have a feeling they will sell out. Beyoncé isn’t the only one offering pre-sale though. MasterCard, Live Nation, Live Nation Mobile App and the Venue (wherever you decide to go see her) are offering too, get in where you fit in BUT act fast. Either you’re VIP or GA. It ain’t that hard to figure out (money to blow or excited to be in the same room).

In my eyes this is your last chance to catch King Bey before she dedicates her time to Blue and future kids.

Don’t wish ya did…BE THERE

oh and if you feel like talk about Bey too much just refer to my Disclaimer! Thanks and good day 🙂

Here’s a peek at the rendering for her “Bey stage”


If you haven’t already check out her halftime Super Bowl VLVII performance and the trailer to her HBO Documentary: Life is But a Dream below:


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