[VIDEO] Where I’m From: JAY Z Barclays Center Documentary

jay z

Don’t we all just love to love Jay-Z?! He has one of the hottest females in music on his arm and his story is just amazing. You can easily try and box Jay as your typical rags to riches story; however, he just doesn’t fit that mold. He is consistent in bringing you his very best; nevertheless, he always out does himself each time(Pay attention I said HIMSELF! no need to compare). What I admire the most about him is he never forgets to give back. Jay is a great example for going for those dreams you have. Don’t let circumstance be a reason you don’t go get what you want. The video I am posting to today from Jay’s YouTube channel is his journey to bringing his latest project to life, The Barclays Center. Jay-Z put this phenomenal structure in the middle of Brooklyn (It’s so Right). He brought jobs to people and the chance to enjoy something worth celebrating. Congrats Jay-Z!!

My favorite part is when he decides to take the subway and takes a seat next to the precious old lady. Check it out!



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