[Video] June Ambrose’s Word of Advice to Aspiring Fashion Stylist


In light of the interview I did on up and coming celebrity stylist Shun Black, I chose to dig up some information for the fashionistas out there who are trying to break into the fashion industry as a fashion stylist. I chose to enlist in the help of fashion guru June Ambrose.

In this interview with Media Beats, Mrs. June gives away the secret in acquiring clothes for clients as well as the biggest mistake newbies make when entering the business. She also gives her reasoning for selecting who she chooses to take under her wing (word to all who are trying to intern for her).

“Anyone I bring onto my team, I try to treat it like a learning experience,” says June.

Mrs. Ambrose goes on to further say, “Truly, if I am taking someone on it’s because I have something to offer them and I hope they are willing to do the work and prove to me they are worthy of being around.”

Check out the interview below:


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