Up and Coming x Fashion Stylist x Shun Black


1. Tell me about yourself.

My name is Shuntrel Crishea Black. I am a 20 year old college student at Alabama A&M University. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL where I leave behind an amazingly supportive family. I have always had a love for fashion since grade school but college ultimately encouraged me to forcefully go after my dreams! I am an up and coming Celebrity fashion stylist; however, I have started my journey of styling while making my fellow peers look and feel AMAZING.

2. How does being a college student help with your aspirations of being a great fashion stylist?

Being a college student definitely takes my drive and level of determination to the next level. I am surrounded by young entrepreneurs that only motivates me to become the next June Ambrose…. Which is btw my favorite Fashion stylist to the stars!!! College prepares you and I must say, I am prepared!

3. Why did you choose to be a fashion stylist versus a career as a fashion designer?

Wow… I get this question quite frequently lol. Honestly, I can’t see myself sitting behind a sewing machine creating garments.. THAT is a skill that is not designed for me! Major respect for our lovely designers.. you are truly Dope!! Styling is my thing and it’s by far not the easiest job but it provides an outlet for me. To see pieces come ALIVE that are folded and hung gives me LIFE!

4. In your eyes, what does it mean to have style?

Style is personal. Its follows you EVERYWHERE! It tells ppl exactly who you are without you speaking a word. There are no guidelines within your style. Pulling your inner personality and spilling it into your “look” makes the little fashion world go around.. lol. Expressing yourself while looking effortlessly fabulous… is.. well.. STYLE.

5. What can we expect from you in the next year?

Within the next year I will be the go-to girl when you are ready to look your absolute BEST. I cater to my clients and within a year my brand, ShunBlackstyle, will spread across the nation…. Lol that sounds pretty far huh? I don’t really have a master plan but I am progressing each and every day… within a year I’ll be way better off than today.

6. What is your philosophy for being consistent in your line of work?

I like to cater to my clients as stated before. I love to know them inside and out before I commence to transform. When I say transform I don’t mean stripping them of their personality, I mean knowing their “likes” and “loves” and taking it to the next level. Staying true to my mission and being as understanding as possible will keep my work consistent.

7. How can someone keep up with you?

Favorite question of the day!!! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter : Shunblackstyle Email: sblack_92@hotmail.com

I’m sure this will be the first of many times the fabulous Shun Black will grace Dawn Fresh! I wish her the best in her endeavors and don’t forget to check out her work below!


Dawn Fresh

Fashion Show @ Alabama A & MFashion Show @ Alabama A & MFashion Show @ Alabama A & MFashion Show @ Alabama A & MFashion Show @ Alabama A & M



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